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Whether you are just starting to evaluate your project and options or simply looking for more ideas, I invite you to visit Another great site is Simply type your project description (computer desk, kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, etc) into the Search Project Gallery box and press enter. is an extremely comprehensive website where you will find an unlimited display of ideas, woodworking products, projects and reviews, etc. The list is too big to share here.

When you contact me, we are going to talk about the following questions. Please be prepared to discuss them.

1. We will talk about the nature of your project and what you want, type of materials, finish, colors, etc.

2. We will talk about your budget and how much you want to spend.
 I don't play guessing games. Only you know how much you want to spend. I know the costs of completing your project and how long it takes. I will be honest in explaining to you what your budget can cover and what I will do for you. 

3. We will talk about how long your project should take, and when you would like this project completed.

4. We will talk about various construction methods as each method is different and plays a role in meeting your budget.

5. We will make arrangements for me to view your project area.

Thank you for the opportunity to present myself and my company to you. When planning your project, I recommend having some visual ideas on hand prior to scheduling a meeting. Visual ideas may include drawings (you don't have to be an artist unless you want to) pictures, magazine clippings, websites, etc. Although visual aids are not necessary, the more you can show me what you want, the easier and less costly the entire process will be. I will assist with your designs either way.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you on your project.

Ryan M. Bruzan

Out of LaGrange, KY  •  40031
For service, please call. All others please use the contact forms throughout the site. Thank you. 
Phone: (502) 533-8282

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